Single treatment (30 minutes) – £30

Course of 10 treatments – £270

Commit to a course of regular cyclo-ssage treatments to feel the maximum benefits.
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Hop onto our Cyclo-ssage bed for combined massage and infrared heat treatment that penetrates deeply into muscles to gently ease away aches and pains. Producing increased muscle activity and dramatically improved localised blood circulation; Cycloidal massage alleviates the secondary symptoms of many medical conditions and will assist the body to generally work more efficiently.

The Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy System contains nine massage units, which each produce a three-dimensional massage action known as Cycloidal Oscillation. Non-percussive and multi-directional this soothing action penetrates deep into the muscle tissue with no adverse side effects.

Cycloidal massage therapy is often the preferred choice of medical practitioners and professionals rather than a percussive type of massage due to its non-aggressive action but also because of its effectiveness in providing on-going pain relief, medication free.


The Massage Therapy System has two separate infrared heat Zones that contain a total of six infrared heat lenses. Each infrared zone can be simply controlled to target the correct level of infrared heat to relieve the secondary symptoms of your condition in a particular area.

Far infrared is a safe and soothing heat source, which penetrates deep into the soft tissue, dilating blood vessels, relaxing tired and aching muscles.

The bodies’ natural healing process is accelerated and the immune system is also encouraged to work more efficiently resulting in improved health and well-being.


Accelerating oxygenated blood to the cells and the removal of waste products dramatically increases blood circulation.


Muscles are relaxed and muscle spasm eased by activating the muscle tissue. Joint pain and stiffness are also greatly reduced.


Improved Lymphatic drainage will reduce swelling and fluid retention; encourage healing assisting the immune system to work more efficiently.


Due to the localized increase in circulation, muscle flexion and joint mobility are improved helping to reduce ache and pain in problem areas.


Pain and ache relief can be achieved in many cases without the ongoing need for painkillers and medication avoiding common side effects.


The deep soothing full body massage therapy will reduce stress and anxiety improving relaxation and irregular sleep patterns.

Conditions that it can help with: