Aqua Detox

Single treatment (30 minutes) – £30

Course of 10 treatments – £270

Commit to a course of regular Aqua Detox treatments to feel the maximum benefits.
We’ll reward you with loyalty points, and a 10% discount on our regular price. Treat your feet!


While you relax, millions of ions enter your body via your feet, and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes whilst also cleansing your body from heavy metals and other toxins.

The aqua detox foot spa produces a frequency which resonates gently through the body and stimulates the cells within. This has the effect of rebalancing the cellular energy, thus enabling the cells to perform efficiently and to release any toxins which may have built up.


  • Healthier blood circulation
  • Supported kidney function
  • Removal of heavy metals and toxins from the body
  • Release of harmful phosphates (these can cause health problems such as kidney damage and osteoporosis)
  • Normalised acidity levels
  • Energised cells and restriction of free radicals
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Increased oxygen to blood cells
  • General sense of wellbeing